I’ve always said that the best way to learn a new bit of technology is to get your hands on it, break it then work out how to fix it.

vmware lab



ML350 G6 with 2x X5660, 144GB RAM, 8x 146GB 15k sas, 1x 240GB SSD, 2x 500GB, 1x 640GB, 1x 2TB HDD.  4 Additional Intel 1GB NICs.

vSphere 6.0 u1 on host.
3x nested ESXi 6.0 u1 in a cluster.
vCentre virtual appliance.
Openfiler providing shared storage to the cluster via iSCSI

UPDATE 24/08/16 – Another ML350 G6 has found it’s way to the lab.
Currently running 1x X5650, 72GB RAM & 6x 15k 300GB drives.
I’ll update this page as soon as I’ve finished reconfiguring the lab.

Cisco Lab

I’ll add some more details about the kit as I tidy up the lab